Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any grip on the boards?

Yes. We sprinkle a glass powder onto the clear coating. It feels like sandpaper.


How do you color your boards?

All boards are in their natural color. The only paint on our boards is the logo.


How do you fasten each part of the board together?

We use Tite Bond III. The glue bonds with the fibers of the wood creating a bond that is stronger than the wood itself.


What type of clear coat to you put on the boards?

We use a water based SPAR urethane. There are 4 coats on the grip side and 3 coats on the underside.


Can you build boards in different shapes and sizes?

Yes! Each board is made from scratch so we can build anything we want.  Additional charges may apply.


How flexible are your boards?

Because they are solid hard wood, the boards are pretty stiff. Flexibility will depend on the weight of the rider and the types of wood on the deck. Our boards are a bit heavier as well. A stiffer board that weighs more means you will get a smooth ride. Also, because of its weight, you will get more roll to your push.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We charge an extra $25 for international shipping.  Keep in mind, some countries charge an extra duty tax to the purchaser.


How durable are you boards?

Our boards are very durable. Keep in mind, they are designed for cruising. They are not designed for tricks, skate parks, sliding, etc.  


Are your boards safe to ride?

When riding any skateboard, there will always be risks. Its important to wear the proper gear (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, shoes). You also want to be mindful of the surfaces you skate on. Lastly, you want to adjust the trucks for your riding level. Note - All of the pictures we post on our website and social media are with experienced riders who chose their own safety method to ride.


Do you put artwork on your boards?

In the past we have. Currently, if additional artwork is requested, we will collaborate with other artists. The charge for the board will remain the same. The artist will have their costs.


Do we want more ambassadors, companies or photographers to collaborate with?

We are always open to expanding Our Tribe. We get a lot of inquiries from individuals and companies, so its hard to reply to everyone. We like to keep an open mind.


Do we give out free boards for marketing purposes?

There are times that we will, but its rare. We are a small business, so costs are important to our success.


Do we offer free boards for charitable opportunities?

Yes, but we are very selective because we get asked a lot. Again, we are a small business, so costs are important to us.


Can you buy the deck only? 

Yes. Send us an email on our Contact Us page.