Heather Young Photography

Heather Young and her Arrow longboard from Pacific Tribe

How did you start collaborating with Pacific Tribe Skateboards?

Via Instagram - as with a lot of creative projects these days, I somehow came across Pacific Tribe and the boards definitely caught my attention right off the bat.

Mark, from Pacific Tribe is a huge fan of your work, tell us how you got started in photography.

I’ve been shooting as a hobby for a long as I remember.  I went to school for graphic design but ultimately realized I didn’t do well sitting at a desk all day so I went back to my roots and decided to start taking photography seriously around 2013. I’ve never been a really detail oriented person which was another reason graphic design didn’t really stick.  I see things as a bigger picture and more how they feel than how they look, so it’s in my nature to want to try to capture those things visually.

Your Instagram page, @heatheryoungphoto is fantastic!  Tell us about the types of pictures that are posted on your page and a little bit about your style of photography.

I guess my style is hard to explain, but I think most of my work could be classified as Southern California-Edgy. I definitely prefer to shoot people in open spaces rather than urban locations, which is why a lot of my work is shot at the beach.

On both your personal Instagram page (@heather_young_) and your photographer's page, you definitely capture the So Cal beach culture & vibe.  What inspires you to shoot in those settings?

Sort of like I said above! I’m not from California and even though I’ve been out here a over a year now, I’m still blown away that I found a way to move my life out here from a small town in New Hampshire, and by all the things that make Southern California what it is. Every day here is pretty much like a dream come true for me, so that alone inspires me.

What are other types of settings that you like to photograph in?

The desert, cool old buildings, anywhere with classic cars or motorcycles around.

One of your shots (above) was featured on Pacific Tribe's new website on the "About" page, what was the inspiration behind that photo?

Pretty much my everyday life on the weekends in Orange County. It was just me and two of my best friends hanging out and cruising around.

Do you ride Pacific Tribe?  If so, how do you like the look and feel of their boards?

Yes! My Pacific Tribe board was my first longboard in California. I frequently cruise the Newport peninsula with it or the boardwalk between Santa Monica and Venice in between shoots when I’m up in LA. I wouldn’t want to ride anything else.


You are obviously a very talented photographer (examples above), what type of photography do you specialize in professionally and how can you be contacted for business inquiries?

Thank you :) I’m a portrait photographer – although I mostly shoot agency models, I shoot every day people too. I’m always open to emails heatheryoungphotography@gmail.com or DM @heatheryoungphoto on Instagram.

Mark Swan