So Cal Photographer: Lena Milos

Mark from Pacific Tribe loves your work.  How did you become a photographer?

I originally bought a camera to take pictures of my kids playing sports. I found myself falling in love with photography and started to bring my camera everywhere wanting to capture the beauty around me to share with others. 

How did you start working with Pacific Tribe?

My daughter had done a photo shoot for another photographer with their boards. That's how I was introduced to Pacific Tribe. Mark noticed my work on Instagram and was kind enough to ask me to collaborate with him. 

When reviewing your Instagram page (@lenamilos), you have some amazing sunset pictures.  What inspired you to do sunset photography?

Sunsets are so powerful and magical. Each one is different, but all are beautiful. There is so much to capture in a sunset, the mood, the change in lighting...I just can't get enough! 

Tell us a little bit about your family especially about their surf and skate lifestyle.

I married a surfer so it became part of my lifestyle. We had a son and daughter who were born into it and now they surf and skate as well. Skating and surfing go hand in hand. 

 Kaya Milos (Instagram @kayamilos18)

Kaya Milos (Instagram @kayamilos18)

On the home page of our website (pictured above), your daughter is in the featured photo.  What inspired you to take this shot?

I wanted to capture the simple joy of her riding a Pacific Tribe Skateboard. I wanted an image of her cruising on the longboard with the wind blowing in her hair. 

 Shane Milos (Instagram @shane.sp)

Shane Milos (Instagram @shane.sp)

You also have a shot of your son on the home page (pictured above).  Same question...what inspired this photo? 

My son likes to ride his board like he surfs. He is super stylish and carefree. That's the feeling I tried to capture. 

Many of the photos that you have posted on your page are taken in the San Pedro area.  What drew you to this part of Southern California? 

I grew up in the South Bay and met my husband who is from San Pedro. It's a great coastal community with a small town feel. The coastline is incredibly beautiful with stunning views.

Thank you so much for telling us about you, your photography and your family.  Is there anything else you would like to share? 

I am so stoked to be able to collaborate with a family run business like Pacific Tribe Skateboards. I love the craftsmanship he puts into his boards. 

Mark Swan