Pacific Tribe Website Designer

 Dani Dunn

Dani Dunn

How did you start working with Pacific Tribe?

I started working with Pacific Tribe Skateboards through a collaboration with my bikini company. When I met Mark to pick up the skateboards we began talking about my full time company in which I do web and graphic design. Mark showed interest in redoing his PTS website. After collaborating and thinking more about the potential to take his branding to the next level, we began working on the new website.

How do you go about working with a new client in building a website?

I get all of my work through word of mouth. Usually, I begin with an introductory call to see what my new client's objectives are and what they are looking to get out of their online presence. Additionally, I have them fill out a short client intake form so that I know what they have and what they need in terms of the components that go into building a website (domain name, text content, photo content, physical location, etc.)

Describe how your service works.

In the online world, everyone is unique in their needs. I work with each individual based on what they need and provide consulting suggestions if he or she doesn't know where to begin. The workflow of a new client build is as follows:

  1. Assess the needs and objectives of each individual
  2. Client intake form
  3. I send out a written proposal with the price of the website after assessing the needs + intake form
  4. Schedule a photoshoot or connect with copyrighter if needed
  5. Begin website design & development
  6. First draft link & feedback
  7. Design & development revisions
  8. Final design sign off
  9. Website launch
  10. Move to marketing if wanted or needed

What is your work experience and educational background for web design?

My passion for design began at a young age. I was on yearbook in middle school and knew right away that I enjoyed working with the Adobe Creative Suite. I taught myself how to use the programs and maintained a 4.0+ GPA throughout high school to guarantee my admission into the colleges that I was looking to attend. I graduated cum laude in Graphic Communication at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. There, I had a hands-on learning approach and deepened my learning of the Adobe Suite as well as all printers and processes that I'd use in my career. I worked for a design company throughout college and after I graduated doing web and graphic design + project management. When I moved back down to Orange County, I started my own design company and have been doing small to large business websites & graphics since then. I also work as a UX/UI software designer for a CRM company.

Tell us about other businesses that you have launched in the past.

I've started 3 companies in my 25 years on this planet, 2 of which have been bikini companies. My first bikini company was a Brazilian Bikini Company that I did all of the digital design + collaborated with my business partner on the bikini designs. We sold that company while I was still in college. Afterwards, I worked for a design company in San Luis Obispo before starting my own web & graphic design company. Last year, I started Rivi Bikinis, which is a minimal coverage bikini company all produced in the USA.

What is next for Dani Dunn?

I plan to continue with my web and graphic design company. I plan on selling Rivi Bikinis in the near future to simplify my life. What started as a hobby project turned into a full time business and I just don't have the time to run both full time businesses solo, so that's the short term plan. Long term is to take every opportunity that comes my way and work hard while having some fun too. 

Dani Dunn