Interview with Noah Swan, Co-Founder of Pacific Tribe Skateboards.

Noah, what made you decide to build a longboard with your dad?

I was inspired to build a board with my dad when I saw a board made by a friend. I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to make my own so my dad and I began laying out the plans for the very first Pacific Tribe skateboard.

How did you and your dad learn how to make it?

My dad is pretty handy and had the tools to make the board.  We basically learned from trial and error. Once we had everything we needed, we began to design the board. Once we figured out the shape we wanted, we created a stencil on paper. We copied the construction method of my friend's board.

Who came up with the name Pacific Tribe? Why that name?

I came up with the name Pacific Tribe because I wanted to create an identity that generations of people can relate to. The Southern California culture is hard to describe in words. It's the feeling of riding barefoot to the beach, spending the whole day in the water, and watching the sun set over the ocean while sitting around a bonfire. It seems cliché, but it's this simple life that defines what Pacific Tribe is. It is a collective of people from all over the world who know about this feeling and want to be a part of it. Our boards are a tangible tool to get you there, but our Tribe is a meeting place where you can mingle, connect, and create with people who all share this feeling.

 Noah Swan, Co-Founder Pacific Tribe Skateboards

Noah Swan, Co-Founder Pacific Tribe Skateboards

What is your most favorite design?

Currently my favorite design is the Nuova Razza diamond tail. I really like the contrast in the stringers and the sepele deck always has beautiful grain.

What size board do you like to ride?

My favorite size deck right now is 28". It's a good size for all around use and I use mine for cruising wherever I go. Since the deck is shorter it allows for quicker carving than a longboard. And since I'm often riding in crowded places like my college campus or the boardwalk, this size works best.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

My favorite place to ride is probably beach campground parking lots. There is plenty of space for riding and carving. Also the views are typically pretty good since they're right on the beach and when you get too hot you can just jump in the ocean for a quick cool down. Tip: Have someone be lookout for cars on blind corners and cruise the area you plan to ride to check for anything in road like sticks, rocks, potholes, etc.

Why do you like Pacific Tribe boards over other boards you have ridden?

I like Pacific Tribe boards over other boards I've ridden because the feeling of a hardwood board is unlike anything else. Like most people, the stiffness of the hardwood deck was something new to me, but now I find it to be a key feature of the board. I feel a lot more in control of the board in many situations. On 36" Pacific Tribe boards I've found that the stiffness of the deck makes it a lot easier to walk on. On 28" boards I find it easier to get a good pump when carving since the deck is stiff. In the end, it is a lot different feel than any other board I've ridden, but it's a style of skateboard that I'm definitely proud to have in my quiver.

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